Play Well Lab – designing children’s flourishing in and through play.

Core theme of this Delft Design Lab is children’s wellbeing in and through play. The lab explores and communicates the relation between the design of facilities[1] for children’s play and children’s physical, mental and emotional flourishing. It researches and develops models, methods and techniques for designers to facilitate and stimulate flourishing in play, including opportunities for children to participate productively in the design of facilities for play.

Current partners:
Sophia children’s hospital
Jantje Beton

Former partners:
Pixifox animation (2020)
Theek5 (2020)
SWKGroep (childcare and community work) (2020-2021)

Play Well Lab is one of the ‘Delft Design Labs’ which use the synergy between our research, education and cooperation with external partners to strengthen knowledge on specific themes. An overview of established Delft Design Labs can be found here.

[1] Facilities in this context refers to any material, digital, service or mixed entity intended to facilitate playful behaviours, such as toys, games, play sets, playgrounds, etc.