my publications

Whenever possible, I make my publications available through the TU Delft research repository.

Scientific publications

Meulendijks, P., van Haren, N. E. M., Gielen, M. A., & van Veelen-Vincent, M. L. C. (2022). A self-portrait: Design opportunities for a tool that supports children’s involvement in brain-related health care. Health Expectations, June 2021.

Westerhof, M. B., Gielen, M. A., van Boeijen, A. G. C., & Jowi, J. O. (2021). Remote co-development of a design education toolkit for children rural Kenya. 13-14. Abstract from The 38th Pupil’s Attitude Toward Technology Conference, Rauma, Finland. 

Lomas, J. D., Karac, M., & Gielen, M. (2021). Design Space Cards: Using a Card Deck to Navigate the Design Space of Interactive Play. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, 5(CHIPLAY), 1–21.

Gielen, M., Klapwijk, R., Schut, A., & Mechelen, M. Van. (2020). Vaardig in ontwerpen op de basisschool: Onderzoek naar het ontwikkelen van 21e-eeuwse vaardigheden via ontwerpprojecten met een externe partner.

Schut, A., van Mechelen, M., Klapwijk, R. M., Gielen, M., & de Vries, M. J. (2020). Towards constructive design feedback dialogues: guiding peer and client feedback to stimulate children’s creative thinking. International Journal of Technology and Design Education.

Van Mechelen, M., Schut, A., Gielen, M., & Södergren, A. C. (2019). Children’s assessment of co-design skills: Creativity, empathy and collaboration. Proceedings of the 18th ACM International Conference on Interaction Design and Children, IDC 2019.

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Other publications

Mathieu Gielen (2007)  Sugar-cane on the savannah – The water pump and what came of it. in: M.C.A. van der Sanden (ed.) You can’t just blame the crocodile – Delft engineers travel into sustainability. TU Delft, p.132-145. ISBN 9789079347018.

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Gielen, M.A., Haagsman, E. (2003) Werk in uitvoering – twintig jaar samenwerking Bio-IO. Bio-Kinderrevalidatie, Arnhem, 2003.