About me

Although I’m a member of the section DCC (Design Conceptualization and Communication, department ID), a significant part of my work is commissioned by Marketing & Communications. Over the years, I designed many flyers, brochures, posters and (report) covers for the faculty. And these graphic design activities are not limited to the IDE faculty, I also designed the Diplomas and Certificates that are currently issued by the TU Delft.
All this is not surprising, considering I was originally trained to be a graphic designer (1981, Grafische MTS Amsterdam, ET).

My skills and knowledge in the field of graphic design are also put to good use in several research projects in the StudioLab. I assist PhD’s with their dissertation and advise both staff and students on designing (conference) posters and other forms of visual communication.

Where appropriate, I take a more active role in research. I participated in the Storyboarding group for instance, investigating the use of storyboards in the (interactive) product design process. Nowadays storyboards are considered important means for communicating user-product interactions. Some results are: a storyboard card set, a graduation project (2003), a publication (2005), and a special tutorial which has been used in the faculty’s curriculum and international conferences.

Besides these activities I’m also involved in both Bachelor -and Master education.