I’m involved in both Bachelor and Master courses

IO2061 Interaction & Electronics
involvement: administration, Blackboard, group composition of the course. Organization and execution of the Digital Prototyping practical (Adobe Edge Animate)
course description

ID4216 Context & Conceptualization
involvement: organizationadministration, Blackboard, group composition of the course. Organizing practicals and C&C Conference (paper) assignment.
course description

Next to these courses I often contribute to other courses as a consultant or expert in my field.

A previous version (2010) of the recently published ‘Delft Design Guide’, was designed by me. This original design is still in use by OpenCourseWare and was awarded ‘Best Text based Book’ during the OCW Global conference 2013 in Bali. (The Delft Design Guide is edited by Annemiek van Boeijen and Jaap Daalhuizen).