TUDelft team members

Dr. Natalia Romero H.
WP T3 Leader – IDE

Dr. Abhigyan Singh
Post-doc – IDE

Dr. Chen Hao
Post-doc – IDE

MSc Ir. Lina Li
Design researcher – IDE

MSc Ir. Razieh Torki
Data analyst – IDE

MSc Ir. Marina Wellink
Design researcher – IDE

Dr. Stella Boess
Assistant Professor – IDE

Dr. René van Egmond
Associate Professor – IDE

Prof. David Keyson

Dr. Sacha Sylvester
Associate Professor – IDE

Marc van de Hoog
Software developer – IDE

Richard Bekking
Hardware developer – IDE

Prof. Philomena Bluyssen
Leader – EBE

Dr. Marco Ortiz
Post-doc – EBE

Jeroen van der Aa
Valorization EU – IDE

Renée Prins
Program director

Delft University of Technology is the lead partner in the Netherlands, involving both faculties of Industrial Design Engineering and Architecture and the Built Environment, OfficeVitae and Betasteunpunt. Together they are responsible for the development and implementation of strategies to reduce GH emissions in close collaboration with the school participating in the project. TU Delft contributes with the following disciplines: co-design, data ethnography, prototyping and implementing data-enabled socio-technical platform, data visualisations, and comfort and indoor environment quality assessment.