NL school partners

On this page we introduce the TUDelft ENERGE NL school partners.

Gymnasium Haganum

The Gymnasium Haganum is one of the oldest public schools in the Netherlands, located in the city of The Hague. First mentioned in 1327, the school is currently housed in a monumental Renaissance Revival architecture building, built in 1907. It has around 700 students, and is one of the top schools in the country, according to a yearly survey by the Dutch magazine Elsevier.

This type of secondary school is comparable to English grammar schools and U.S. college prep schools. In the Netherlands, the gymnasium consists of six years in which pupils study the usual school subjects, with the addition of compulsory Ancient Greek and Latin, plus extra emphasis on academic and artistic skills.

The school has a vision to offer their students a broad education at a high level and with that an excellent preparation for a study at a university. The school accepts a wide variation in qualities and behavior in which equivalence is the key word. Students are stimulated to develop to the maximum in intellectual, cultural, social and creative skills.
Updated: 09-06-2020

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OSG Hugo de Groot

The OSG Hugo de Groot is a public secondary school for secondary education in the Charlois district of Rotterdam South. Here education is given for MAVO, HAVO and VWO including gymnasium.

The school is currently housed in a building designed by municipal architect Leo Voskuyl and built in the period 1948 -1955. It is a typical post-war building with shock-concrete decorations. An image of Pallas Athena has been incorporated into the facade. In July 5, 1999 the school opened a new building with modern architecture.

The school has the vision, despite being located in a problem area, to become the best and safest school in Rotterdam. The ultimate goal is to merge with a primary school and start a daycare center and thus provide education from toddler to young adult.
Updated: 09-06-2020

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