ID5614 Food Design and Culture (2013 Spring)
Involvement: Instructor

ID5562 Design for Emotion and Subjective Well-Being (2013 Spring)
Involvement: Guest instructor

ID4175 Advanced embodiment design (2013 Fall)
Involvement: Workshop coach

ID4216 Context & Conceptualization (2012 Fall / 2013 Fall)
Involvement: Instructor

IO1081ZI Research and Design for Adaptation program (2013 Fall / 2014 Fall)
Involvement: Coordinator and instructor

ID4265 DfI Research Methodology (2013 Spring / 2014 Spring)
Involvement: Instructor

ID4297 Graduation Project
Involvement: Supervisor (mentor)

  1. Developing a toolkit for emotion-focused user research (in collaboration with Philips Consumer Lifestyle / Student: Dwitya Prasasta Umaritomo / Period: 2013 Spring)
  2. Developing a digital stamp mobile application for Chinese supermarkets (in collaboration with BrandLoyalty / Student: Lin Fu / Period: 2015 Spring)
  3. The socially engaging museum guiding system for young adult traveller (in collaboration with Kiss the Frog and the Mauritshuis Museum / Student: Hung Chu Shih / Period: 2015 Spring).

ID5502 Research Internship (2014 Fall)
Involvement: Supervisor