IO 1082 Research and Design

Involvement: course coordinator



Involvement: teacher on embodied cognition


Cognitive Ergonomics:

Involvement: teacher on design for motivation



Involvement: teacher on motivation


Graduation projects 2011

– Aernout, BMW

– Reinout, Renault

– Claire, E-semble

– Fon-Phoei, Logica: product to increase medicine compliance for hearth failure patients.

– Hrant, Openbare bibliotheek Delft: story telling tool for library visitors

– Lieke, PsyQ: therapy enhancing product for panic disorders

– Annet, Brijder: therapy enhancing product for agression treatment.

– Daphne, Intherapie: therapy enhancing product for burn-out treatment.

РLinh, Brijder: therapy enhancing  product for drug addiction care

– Marloes: fatigue regulating product for breast-cancer survivors

– Alper: gaming research