Insight: Thinking about your living situation makes other future aspects temporarily tangible as well


First series of interviews

Insight: When people think about their homes and living situation, other aspects of their future become temporarily tangible as well.

Moving to another house is something that has a big impact for a long period of time. Thinking about moving seems to trigger thoughts about other aspect of a future life as well (Maybe because this is a safe, pleasant and tangible way to imagine the future). Claesje (interviewee/participant) said:

“Well, this house is just the way it is…a stair-lift, taking a shower…we would have to make some adjustments but it would be possible.”

In this series, we highlight inspiring insights in the process from MyFutures, obtained through the cases or educational programs. This insight is gained from the first series of interviews which we conducted to learn in what ways everyday people deal with their future.