Project team Martijn Vastenburg
project leader
ir. Thomas Visser
PhD candidate
dr. Natalia Romero
postdoc researcher
prof. dr. David Keyson
senior advisor

Master students

Dick Rutten
Design a tool that supports social connectedness for seniors by designing for specific social profiles
Matty Cruijsberg
Designing an awareness display: support awareness and promote peace of mind for the family carer of an independently living senior
Bas Stroomer
CommunityNet: Mediating Care at the Local Community Level
Hester Anderiesen
ScatteredConnected; designing an user aware system with a sense of security
Inaki Merino Albaina
Persuasive activity-aware service for elderly people who need to exercise more
Halldor Fjalldal
Middleware for activity-aware services
Niels Bovendeur
Activity journal
Robbert Vroegindeweij
Web-based activity monitor for professional care givers
Erwin van Veldhoven
Designing an interaction metaphor for an ambient activity-aware service platform for elderly at home