My research agenda at TU Delft concerns three intersecting themes: (1) Expanding the interactive media design toolkit (in particular, design methods that bridge the gap between understanding and prototyping and can rapidly fuel probing activities and interactions back into the design process); (2) Exploring the convergence of interaction design and social computing (in particular, how a new generation of socially generated data and networked connections can be captured and woven into the material and intimate fabric of everyday living); and (3) Notions of experience, participation and engagement that can expand the vocabulary and practice of interactive media design (with a particular emphasis on issues of movement, affect and sensation).

My background brings together humanities, digital media, and interaction design. I obtained my PhD in 2003 from the University of Plymouth, UK (Science Technology and Art Research program) with a dissertation on metadesign. Prior to my position at TU Delft, I have been an Associate Professor at UC3M in Madrid, Spain (Digital Living Initiative) and a Senior Research Scientist at CU Boulder in the United States (Center for Lifelong Learning and Design).

Recently this year, I have chaired the program of the ACM conference Designing Interactive Systems (DIS 2012), and I have published a book for Routledge on Heritage and Social Media. In this book, I use heritage as a lens to understand how social media are re-articulating the social syntax of meaning making. I continue to serve as Forum editor for ACM Interactions and I am always looking for interesting articles to publish.