About me

I obtained a Master’s degree in Design for Interaction and a PhD in Emotion-driven design (both cum laude) at the Delft University of Technology. I am a researcher in the interdisciplinary field of user-centered design, in which I produce models and tools that support the design of emotionally engaging products. I am specialized in combining knowledge of technological applications with the rigor of psychological models and the emotional richness of narrative art. My recent work has focused on emotion differentiation – how knowledge of the characteristics of a large number of fine-tuned emotions can inform the development of more effective and engaging products.

Together with Pieter Desmet, I founded the Delft Institute of Positive Design (DIoPD) in 2011. The DIoPD wants to make the next step in product design and user experience: to investigate the role that products can play in human flourishing and happiness. To make this step, designers need to radically change their perspective on the role of products in people’s life. Instead of seeing products as mere commodities that solve problems and fulfill needs, they should focus on what products can add to the kind of things that make people truly happy.