NI-HAO 你好!

Chen’s design and research have been always inspired by people’s everyday lives. She strives to support users in realizing their needs through design research and co-creation, designing products and services that interact with people to enhance their experiences and lifestyle. Traveling around the world feeds her love for cultural diversity and fuels her creativity. Currently she’s a member of ID-Studio Lab, TU Delft and working on her PhD research, during which she has developed Cultura, a contextual research method that helps designers gain intercultural empathy with end users.

Before coming to the Netherlands, she moved from Beijing to Shanghai, where she completed her bachelor of Industrial Design. In 2011 she moved to the Netherlands, and graduated (Cum Laude) as MSc. Design for Interaction in TU Delft.

Over the past years, she has been working on contextmapping, co-creation and interaction design. For Chen’s research, she partners closely with design firms in Europe and China, seeking to come up with people-centred design and innovation. Chen is also passionate about doing design education and have being co-organized several design workshops for design students and practitioners in several international design schools.

Since 2018, she has spent part of her time working as a lecturer at Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, and part of her time on her own consultancy company, HAO design lab.