One of our two big office spaces is called StudioDream (room B-2-220). Here a 20+ of IDStudiolab members work close together, each on his/her own project but collaboration is intentionally unavoidable. The interior breathes a serious atmosphere and with a high ceiling and a carpeted floor this space is more quiet than the other big [...]



One of our office spaces is called StudioMingle (room B-2-140). In this room about 20 IDStudiolab members work together, each on his own project but collaboration is intentionally unavoidable. The interior of the studio breathes a design studio atmosphere with many possibilities for displaying prototypes. The walls are fitted with whiteboard material to have sufficient [...]



StudioTell is a representative room for running experiments.It has some whiteboard space but no screen or other media facilities. It can fit 20 people and is often booked for organising experiments.



StudioShow is our presentation room. This is where we stage the LabTalks and other presentations that require a screen. It is a room that can house 20 people. The available big screen measures 70".



The hallway on the second floor (B-wing) of our Industrial Design Engineering faculty leads to the entrance door of the IDStudiolab. It has one green wall and a row of windows with a view on the central hall of the faculty. In the hallway we socialize, there is a seating arrangement made from foam blocks [...]



StudioTalk is for data analysis and quick meetings. The room is fitted with steel whiteboard foil from the ceiling to the floor to allow for a large space to hang data (graphs, pictures, context mapping booklets, etc.). The standing table and ergonomic chairs makes meeting more active and short(!). StudioTalk fits 8 people and does [...]



StudioSay is a meeting room in which it is also possible small workshops. The walls have been fitted with whiteboard material all around the room and there is a 50 inch screen on a cart. It can fit 15 people comfortably a maximum of 20 people.



Our prototypes are build in StudioMake, this room is the center of the ID-Studiolab both in location but also in ideology. Most of our education and research projects evolve around making our ideas experiential. Because most generated concepts involve some kind of interactive technology it is necessary to involve electronics in the making. The level [...]



StudioDo is our “design loft”, it is a space dedicated to tinkering. It holds a large collection of tinkering material for quickly building 3D product mockups and a collection of sensors that can be applied to the mockups to make them interactive and hence quickly make concepts experiential. In addition StudioDo has an electronics table [...]



StudioHatch is a small meeting room with a 40" screen. It fits 8 people and has a wall with whiteboard space.