Events that have a relevance to the general public

Talks on interaction design processes at the Future Flux Festival


As part of the FutureFlux festival a set of talks are organised about design processes related to interaction design. These talks are organised by This Happened. This year Froukje Sleeswijk Visser joins This Happened as a guest curator to broaden the topic of presentations of interaction design towards co-design processes with users and stakeholders. Two [...]

C&T 2017 – Technologies for Common Good


Ingrid Mulder has been assigned Program Chair of the 8th International Conference on Communities & Technologies, to be held in Troyes, France, from 26‐30 June 2017. The biennial conference is the premier international forum for stimulating scholarly debate and disseminating research on the complex connections between communities – both physical and virtual – and information [...]

Participatory City Making in Rotterdam


The urban planner is no longer the single city ‘maker'. Different designers, academics, policy makers and citizens give shape to the city. The project Participatory City Making connects current top-down plans with bottom-up initiatives, it will facilitate the development of a joint urban vision, and give the new 'city makers’ the possibilities to contribute to [...]

Exhibition organized by Just Things Foundation


An Internet of Things We Can Be Proud of! When your products communicate with each other based on your personal data, they are part of a giant network of connected 'things': the Internet of Things (IoT). Those things become 'smart' devices with the advantage of offering consumers new services, more efficiency. However, we first have [...]

2ndSkin Project to Los Angeles


At the architecture conference PLEA in Los Angeles, which this year focus is on: “Cities, Building, People: Towards Regenerative Environments”, Olivia Guerra-Santin will present the 2ndSkin Project. The project is about zero energy renovation of social multi-family housing in the Netherlands. Olivia will be presenting the results from the user research approach carried out in [...]

Social Design presentation at What Design Can Do!


Last Friday, July 1st, Nynke Tromp spoke at the WhatDesignCanDo conference in Amsterdam on Social Design. She outlined four principles that make social design a unique discipline: 1) Recognizing the role of design in social problems, 2) Including a societal perspective besides a user one, 3) Measuring impact, and 4) Aiming for systemic change. She [...]

Studiolab @DRS2016


18 Delegates of our faculty Industrial Design Engineering have been attending the DRS2016 conference in Brighton last week. Many studiolabbers participate as well. For instance, Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento presented work on the relevance and used of vision concepts in design research, Nynke Tromp organised a theme session on Design Innovation for Society, Tessa Dekkers & [...]

Summer School in Shanghai – Design Research & Cultural Encounters


This August (8th-12th), Chen is organising a summer school in her home university (Donghua University) in Shanghai. The summer school will bring some Delft design methods to young Chinese designers for a week. At the summer school, Studiolabbers Chen Hao, Annemiek van Boeijen and Marieke Sonneveld are teaching and facilitating workshops Contextmapping for User Research, [...]

Research Through Design project ‘My Futures’ kicks-off!


My name is Eefje Ernst and the coming two years I will work as a Design Researcher on the project ‘My Futures - Tools to Support Thinking about Personal Futures’ together with Pieter Jan Stappers and Froukje Sleeswijk Visser. After I graduated in Industrial Design Engineering (DfI) at the TU Delft in 2007, I followed [...]