Events that have a relevance to the general public

Connected Resources at CHI2018


Iohanna Nicenboim and Elisa Giaccardi presented three interactive prototypes of "Connected Resources" and a series of videos at CHI2018 last April. These prototypes, which are the first design iteration of the RtD project Resourceful Ageing, demonstrate a new approach in designing connected technologies for elderly. The prototypes were [...]

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idStudioLab presenting at ThingsCon


A number of idStudioLab members are presenting work at ThingsCon in Amsterdam November 30 and December 1. Keynote speaker - Iohanna Nicenboim Iohanna Nicenboim is a design researcher, focused on connected objects and their interactions in everyday life. Inspired by complex socio-technical systems and scientific imaginary, she explores poetical interactions [...]

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Anna Pohlmeyer @Design Salon


Last weekend, Anna Pohlmeyer joined a Design Salon on Design + Happiness + Futures in Detroit. This salon was organized by Stamps School of Art and Design, University of Michigan. The salon joined a variety of twelve international practitioners and researchers to discuss these topics and their overlap over the [...]

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‘Mo’ and ‘My Futures’ @Mind the Step, DDW2017


Last week, Studiolab was well represented at the Dutch Design Week. Many research and design projects received a platform for exhibition, amongst which one could witness demonstrations of Mo or climb the ladder to consider your future. Mo is a prototype of a hospital transportation robot that strives towards more [...]

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​Welcome Gustavo López!


Gustavo is PhD researcher from Costa Rica, University of Costa Rica, and will be part of the Studiolab for the coming 6 weeks. His work revolves around developing a conceptual framework for smart device-based notifications in collaborative contexts. The image presents the findings of his systematic literature review showing: (left) [...]

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Talks on interaction design processes at the Future Flux Festival


As part of the FutureFlux festival a set of talks are organised about design processes related to interaction design. These talks are organised by This Happened. This year Froukje Sleeswijk Visser joins This Happened as a guest curator to broaden the topic of presentations of interaction design towards co-design processes [...]

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C&T 2017 – Technologies for Common Good


Ingrid Mulder has been assigned Program Chair of the 8th International Conference on Communities & Technologies, to be held in Troyes, France, from 26‐30 June 2017. The biennial conference is the premier international forum for stimulating scholarly debate and disseminating research on the complex connections between communities – both physical [...]

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Participatory City Making in Rotterdam


The urban planner is no longer the single city ‘maker'. Different designers, academics, policy makers and citizens give shape to the city. The project Participatory City Making connects current top-down plans with bottom-up initiatives, it will facilitate the development of a joint urban vision, and give the new 'city makers’ [...]

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