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GuestTalk – October 20, 2016 – Andruid Kerne


The Future of Human Expression: Embodied Interaction with Free-form Curation The Interface Ecology Lab conducts research to transform human expression. Our goal is use new technologies to stimulate spontaneity and creativity. Centuries ago, the technology of movable type vaulted human consciousness and expression from oral performance—improvisational— to writing, fixed by letters and words. We work [...]

LabTalk – October 12, 2016 – Roy Bendor


"The future ... is too important to be left for futurologists": A new vision for interaction design for sustainability. As a contested concept sustainability can mean different things for different people. With that said, the point of departure for my current research is that if sustainability is about anything, it is about the future. In [...]

CHI 2016 workshop – Involving the Crowd in Future Museum Experience Design


At the CHI 2016 conference in San José, California, Arnold Vermeeren hosted a one day workshop Involving the Crowd in Future Museum Experience Design with Licia Calvi of NHTV Breda (schedule-link). Aim of the workshop was to explore the implications of museums connecting more and more to ecosystems including other museums, institutions, people’s homes, of [...]

Interaction Design workshop in University of Tehran Kish Campus


Aadjan van der Helm and Bahareh Barati held a 5-day workshop on the topic of Interaction Design (9th-14 Apr) in Kish Island. Forty Bachelor-level and Master-level students participated in the workshop. The workshop involved both lectures and practical sessions to familiarize students with tools and methods developed in IDE, on social design and interaction design. [...]

Schizzo Mega


We have a new prototyping board, it is the Schizzo Mega (see below for a short history on the Schizzo board development). Richard Bekking designed the board together with Martin Havranek. It is optimised for the BOCS project, a research study into people's comfort in office spaces. This means the board as depicted is especially [...]

Skala brings renewed value to a change of focus


When it comes to focusing in the modern day world, we notice that it is not so easy because distraction is everywhere. Even while writing this text, I am distracted by my phone, by flashing commercials on websites, and by the constant need to check my e-mail. These distractions are deemed as inefficient. Taking a [...]