Skala brings renewed value to a change of focus


When it comes to focusing in the modern day world, we notice that it is not so easy because distraction is everywhere. Even while writing this text, I am distracted by my phone, by flashing commercials on websites, and by the constant need to check my e-mail. These distractions are deemed as inefficient. Taking a [...]

COVE – the interactive conversation environment


Everyone can remember one or two conversations in their life that for some reason felt special and stuck with you. These rare experiences often leave you with a feeling that could best be described as enlightenment. Dutch students from the TU Delft have developed an interactive environment that facilitates this type of experience. They have [...]

Don’t connect only your device, connect with people around you.


Nowadays, it seems like the battery percentage of all our devices is draining faster and faster. Even though charging is not one of our favourite activities, most people are constantly looking for power sockets in public areas and are very eager to nd one. A team of ten students from the TU Delft came up [...]