Symposium – Friday January 27th (sold out)


(We’re both happy and sorry to say the event has sold out; if you want to be considered if places come available, send a mail to the email address mentioned on the registration page)

We are all expected to take responsibility for our own health and well- being in the future but many of us are not well prepared. In the MyFutures project municipalities, insurance companies, knowledge institutions and design agencies are working together to develop tools to support people in applying design thinking to their personal future lives.

During this symposium we will share our first design research insights about how people deal with their personal futures in the domains of housing, care, finance and work.

Keynote speaker is prof. Elizabeth Sanders, who is a pioneer in involving users in the design proces. Her current focus is on bringing participatory, human-centered design thinking and co-creation practices to the challenges we face for the future.

Everyone who is interested in the challenges of thinking about the future and the possibilities of applying design thinking to personal futures is warmly invited to join us at this event. The amount of places available is limited so please register by filling in this form:

Fri. 27-01-2017


IDE Arena, TU Delft