Wait what did I just buy?

You have bought the IDE electronics kit. This kit will be your starting point when doing interactive technology projects in the Bachelor or Master programs of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of the TUDelft. The composition of the kit is designed in such a way that you can start easily and quickly as a lay-person and develop your skills onward to a more advanced level. From plug-and-play use of Grove components to creating custom breadboard circuit to connect anything electronic imaginable.

We sell this kit to students from the Faculty IDE, we sell the kit for a price that covers the bare costs of having it produced and providing the support. We do not need to make a profit from selling it.

How to get started

You first make sure you can upload code to the Lotus board (this is an Arduino Uno clone with Grove connectors). Visit the Seeedstudio wiki page for the Lotus v1.1 board. Please make sure you install the v1.1 driver and NOT the older v1.0 driver.

After the tutorial on the page linked above, you can explore the Grove components in your kit. To work with a component, you find it’s name on the PCB and type the name as a query in the search area of your browser eg. “grove vibration motor” (always add the word “grove” in front of the search query). You will find a link to the wiki site of Seeed with a page describing the component, which also contains a code example (for the Arduino IDE) to activate the component.

What to do if things don’t work

When you are trying hard, you’ve carefully read all information but you still cannot get it to work. Then every day after 15:00 you can visit PMB and ask for Wiebe Draijer or Benjamin Bouthoorn. Wiebe and Benjamin can help you to verify that it really does not work or tell you what is wrong. If your component is dead-on-arrival then they can replace it with a new component.

Please let us know what you think of the kit