Welcome to your labmark!

As you can see it comes pre-filled with content that is devised to help you get started with turning into your labmark. You can now replace this text with your own words.

On this page (the about page) you tell your visitors your personal story – with relevance to the ID-Studiolab or your job at the faculty. We choose this page to be your front page because we think the ID-Studiolab is all about the people participating, hence a short personal story about you is the homepage of your labmark website.

You may find inspiration for content in the other labmarks of ID-Studiolab members, check them out through our ID-Studiolab people page. In addition we have a labmark with information on how to work with your WordPress based website.

WordPress is often referred to as a blogging platform. However the way your labmark is currently setup it does not require you to regularly write short posts instead most content is now in pages that are meant to hold more-or-less static content. Of course we like it if you keep your pages up to date, but how regular you do that is up to you.

Remember that this online presence is a part of the ID-Studiolab community and that this is a well visited online resource for students, your direct colleagues and international peers. Make us proud and contribute to an excellent resource for design research online.