The IDStudiolab members form a group of about 40 people each working on their individual projects but with an attitude towards sharing knowledge and collaboration. Most of our members are working in two big office spaces called StudioMingle and StudioDream, the others have in office spaces elsewhere in the ID department.

Richard Bekking
Richard BekkingElectronics Engineer: Room StudioMake (2-B-120)
Roy Bendor
Roy BendorAssistant Professor: Room C-3-210
Annemiek van Boeijen
Annemiek van BoeijenAssistant Professor: Room C-3-270
Stella Boess
Stella BoessAssistant Professor: Room StudioMingle (B-2-140)
Boudewijn Boon
Boudewijn BoonPhD Candidate: Room StudioWrite
Mafalda Casais
Mafalda CasaisPhD Candidate
Tessa Dekkers
Tessa DekkersPhD Candidate: Room StudioDream (B-2-280)
Pieter Desmet
Pieter DesmetProfessor of Design for Experience: Room C-3-230
Marierose van Dooren
Marierose van DoorenPhD Candidate: Room StudioDream (B-2-280)
Steven Fokkinga
Steven FokkingaPostdoctoral researcher: Room StudioMingle (B-2-140)
Elisa Giaccardi
Elisa GiaccardiProfessor of Interactive Media Design: Room C-3-150
Mathieu Gielen
Mathieu GielenAssistant Professor: Room C-3-270
Lye Goto
Lye GotoPhD Candidate: Room StudioDream (B-2-180)
Bob Groeneveld
Bob GroeneveldPhD CandidateRoom: Room StudioMingle (B-2-140)
Eva Haagsman
Eva HaagsmanLecturer: Room C-2-070
Chen Hao
Chen HaoPhD Candidate: Room StudioWrite
Paul Hekkert
Paul HekkertProfessor of Form Theory: Room C-3-110
Aadjan van der Helm
Aadjan van der HelmLecturer/Researcher: Room StudioMingle (B-2-140)
Marc de Hoogh
Marc de HooghSoftware Engineer: Room StudioDream (B-2-280)
Tomasz Jaskiewicz
Tomasz JaskiewiczAssistant Professor: Room StudioMingle (B-2-140)
Ianus Keller
Ianus KellerLecturer of Practice: Room StudioDream (B-2-280)
David Keyson
David KeysonProfessor of Sustainable Living and Work: Room C-3-120
Carlita Kooman
Carlita KoomanSupport Staff: Room C-2-070
Jasper van Kuijk
Jasper van KuijkAssistant Professor: Room StudioDream (B-2-280)
Peter Kun
Peter KunPhD Candidate: Room StudioWrite
Corrie van der Lelie
Corrie van der LelieSupport Staff: Room C-2-070
Marian Loth
Marian LothPhD Candidate: Room StudioWrite (B-2-380)
Maria Luce Lupetti
Maria Luce LupettiPost Doc researcher: Room StudioMingle (B-2-140)
Ingrid Mulder
Ingrid MulderAssociate Professor: Room C-3-070
Gert Pasman
Gert PasmanLecturer: Room C-3-300
Patrizia D'Olivo
Patrizia D'OlivoPhD Candidate: Room StudioWrite
Elif Özcan Vieira
Elif Özcan VieiraAssistant Professor: Room C-3-220
Anna Pohlmeyer
Anna PohlmeyerAssistant Professor: Room StudioDream (B-2-280)
Holly Robbins
Holly RobbinsPhD Candidate
Natalia Romero Herrera
Natalia Romero HerreraAssistant Professor: Room StudioDream (B-2-280)
Marco Rozendaal
Marco RozendaalAssistant Professor: Room C-3-250
Abhigyan Singh
Abhigyan SinghPhD Candidate: Room StudioWrite (B-2-380)
Froukje Sleeswijk Visser
Froukje Sleeswijk VisserAssistant Professor: Room StudioMingle (B-2-140)
Marieke Sonneveld
Marieke SonneveldAssistant Professor
Rick Schifferstein
Rick SchiffersteinAssociate Professor: Room C-3-300
Pieter Jan Stappers
Pieter Jan StappersProfessor of Design Techniques: Room C-3-130
Sacha Sylvester
Sacha SylvesterAssociate Professor: Room StudioDream (B-2-280)
Nynke Tromp
Nynke TrompAssistant Professor: Room StudioDream (B-2-280)
Arnold Vermeeren
Arnold VermeerenAssociate Professor: Room C-3-280
Haian Xue
Haian XuePost Doc researcher: Room StudioDream