Context and Conceptualization Paper Tracks have started

35 Msc Design students will be writing an academic paper on a topic that links to MyFutures. They will address questions like: How can we support everyday people at thinking about their futures?, How do we make contextmapping techniques DIY? and What are the barriers and prejudices people experience when thinking about their own old age?

By the end of december they will be handing in their papers.


Field Research has started

“I don’t feel as old as I remember my own parents were at this age” (Hans)

We are now in the proces of doing the first field research and we’re interviewing around 10 participants about how they deal with their personal futures.

“We are in luxurious position of not having to deal with this” (Mathilde)

Renee and Alissa have designed beautiful material that participants will receive in preparation of the interview.


Contextmapping Skills has started

The elective Contextmapping Skills 2016 has started!

The students of this elective will learn the skills of contextmapping while they explore how people deal with their futures in the domains of housing, finance, career, health and services.

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Woonbron, ABN-AMRO, CNV and Hart en Vaatgroep are the companies involved. They have all formulated a brief for the students that is closely linked to MyFutures.