ID5663 Contextmapping Skills

The context mapping skills elective takes place on the Tuesdays in the Fall semester. You will conduct a complete design research study for a ‘client’ to uncover (tacit) user needs and opportunities. In all steps (goal setting, materials design, conducting the fieldwork, analysis, communication) professionals from Muzus will tutor you. Get into the field. Learn the nuance…

In this fall edition, several clients and topics will be related to the MyFutures theme of understanding people who have to arrange things themselves or make decisions about their future. Questions: contact or

Below, you can find a number of posters showing a glimpse of the questions and insights from last year’s edition of Contextmapping Skills.

Last year’s topics and clients included:

  • How can a bank guide starters, aged 25-35, towards behavior that has a positive impact on their future income? See poster
  • What are the needs of people through their work life and how can a union support these needs? See poster
  • What are the experiences, needs and wishes of young adults (18-25 years) with regard to dealing with their parents’ heart or vascular disease? See poster
  • What are the triggers in everyday life when people think about their future? See poster
  • How nurses in the hospitals feel about managing formal and informal caregiving and what do they need for managing these activities? See poster
  • How would elderly people like to age in place? See poster