By: Samira Miccolis
Tuturs: Frans Taminiau and Anna Pohlmeyer

Keywords: Toys waste, declutter, parents, children

Design Goal
Help parents of 3 to 6 years old children periodically declutter their home from unused and forgotten toys.

Interaction vision
The desired interaction should feel like moving the rope to let someone else jump.

Tummy is composed by 2 elements:
– a basket shaped as an imaginary animal, that trigger children to feed it with unused and disliked toys. The basket/animal has a belly made out of elastic fabric connected through a mechanism to the mouth (cover of the basket). When the belly is empty, the mouth/basket cover will stay open; it will close progressively while the belly is being filled with toys. A sleeping period will be set by parents to enhance the detachment from toys and to get rid of them with the certainity their children will not be willing to use them anymore.
– a small book with story for children will provide instruction on how to interact with the basket. it will also make children emphatize with “Tummy” and engage in the activity.