The Juggler

By: Cesar Lucho Lingan
Tutors: Wim Schermer and Kadian Davis-Owusu

Keywords: Fridge organization, Kitchen organization, International students

Design Goal
Encourage International students that live at TU Delft dorms to communicate the fridge and kitchen organization with their flatmates at the moment they are in their house.

Interaction vision
The Interaction Vision of my project should be like the Juggling Activity.

The Juggler
The Juggler is the proposal that results from the entire process between the three cycles. By using all the experiences gathered during the explorations, interviews, research in context and the (re)analysis of the interaction vision and insights collected. The upper part comprises the importance of the message, and the person who is writing the message. On the other hand, the bottom part comprises the message section and the person who is the receiver of the message. There are four major actions: Set the tone of the message, the user identifying itself as the writer, writing the message and identify the receiver or receivers.