Table Memories

By: Rosa Hendrix
Tutors: Gert Pasman and Chen Hao

Keywords: All You Can Eat Restaurants, Overeating

Design Goal
Reduce the urge of overeating of young adults (20-30) while eating at an all you can eat restaurant.

Interaction vision
The interactions in my concept should be like Making a photobook with a friend.

Table Memories
Table Memories is a tool to create memories of the eating experience in All You Can Eat restaurants. (picture 1) With every dish guests order, they receive a token, representing the dish. During, or after eating, they can place the tokens upon the board. (picture 2) From left to right they can create a storyline of their evening, thereby they can rank to tokens regarding a proposed question. Finally chalk can be used to personalize the board. This creates awareness about how much and what food they ate, but shifting the focus from quantity to quality..
Table Memories creates an eating experience with awareness about quantity and quality of consumed food, guidance in the eating and ordering process and finally satisfaction about the dining experience.