Social Coffee

By: Ben Collin
Tutors: Peter Kraaijeveld and Froukje Sleeswijk Visser

Keywords: Social, interactions, coffee, Delft Library

Design Goal
I want to help parents at the Delft library cafe to feel more confident about socialising with each other and meeting new people through an interaction.

Interaction vision
I want this interaction to feel like doing a bungee jump; the leap of faith to socialise has been taken and the sense of accomplishment and enjoyment begin to take over.

Social Coffee
The final prototype is a social indicator that allows the user to initiate or join a social interaction. The vivid tray advertises that the initiator wants to meet someone. The tray help the users relax and assists them meeting someone new with confidence. This product would be purchased alongside any coffee fo no extra cost. The user would then sit with it with an  empty place opposite them and wait for someone to join them. The interaction is intentionally a 1 on 1 as so make it more personal. A user can also join someone who already has the tray and is waiting. Goals are also presented to allow them to share their experience with the community at the library.