By: Maya Goodwill
Tutors: Frans Taminiau and Anna Pohlmeyer

Keywords: Public space, place-making, tactical urbanism, place identity

Design Goal
To create an opportunity for regular passerbys* to feel more connected to de Binnenrotte when passing through on off-market days.
*a regular passerby is defined as: a resident of Rotterdam who passes by de Binnenrotte at least 2 times/week

Interaction vision
The interaction with my concept should feel like a kid visiting Science World and exploring different exhibits such as the Large Piano, and the Wall of Air Flow Tubes.

There is a speech bubble (made out of laser-cut wood) suspended from the branches, that makes it appear as though Linde is speaking to passerbys. She is asking them to help her gain her leaves back (which she’s lost) by sharing a fond memory and a wish for de Binnenrotte. Passerbys can take a wooden leaf, which has a prompt on each side (“I wish…” and “I remember…”) to write this down, and then hang their leaf on one of the many strings attached to Linde’s branches. As the days go by, they can see how more and more leaves continue to build up, and can read what others have contributed. Using the #MijnBinnenrotte hashtag, they can also share their experience on social media.