Grow together

By: Alberto Magni
Tutors: Wim Schermer and Kadian Davis-Owusu

Keywords: Community garden, connection, motivation

Design Goal
Motivate members of Delgauw community garden to contribute to the overall maintenance of the garden.

Interaction vision
Succeding in learning how to entirely play a song with the guitar, when you’re just a beginner.

Grow together
The final concept is a device featuring a spiral-shaped component able to grow, giving a positive feedback to the members of the garden after having been in the garden (see figure 3). This in order to increase a positive feeling of accomplishment and eventually increase the motivation to go back to the garden. The device also provides a feedback to the members in case of their absence from the garden for a long period of time, and finally, it shows to the user also when any other member is going to the garden. The concept is placed in the members house to stimulate connection with the garden (see figure 4).