Folding for Food

By: Hannah Goss
Tutors: Wouter van der Hoog and Marise Schot

Keywords: Waste minimization, freedom, stimulation, pride, exploration

Design Goal
My design goal is to stimulate visitors at the Rotterdam Markthal to consume food in a sustainable way (minimizes the waste produced by food consumption).

Interaction vision
The interaction with my product should feel like building a sandcastle.

Folding for Food
The Folding for Food container offers visitors a more persoal, explorative, and experience orientated visit to the Markthal. By folding the container themselves they begin to have a connection with it and treat it with more care and thought. The act of not throwing it in the garbage, an unfamiliar action in this context, results in a moment of reflection and awareness of the efforts to minimize waste at the Markthal.