Connected Resources at CHI2018

Iohanna Nicenboim and Elisa Giaccardi presented three interactive prototypes of “Connected Resources” and a series of videos at CHI2018 last April.

These prototypes, which are the first design iteration of the RtD project Resourceful Ageing, demonstrate a new approach in designing connected technologies for elderly. The prototypes were developed and built at the ID Studio Lab thanks to Aadjan van der Helm and Martin Havranek, and designed together with Masako Kitazaki, Tomo Kihara, from TU Delft and Ana Torralba Marin from TU Eindhoven (to see more about the prototypes).

CHI2018 was a different community to expose the prototypes after Dutch Design Week. While at Dutch Design Week we had the chance to talk to older people who were visiting the exhibition, at CHI the public was mostly academics and experts, who appreciated the interaction, tangible, and design/craft aspects of the artefacts. We spent the last months improving the interactive part of the prototypes to make it more robust and precise, and re-designing some of the prototypes. Those two aspects had a very positive feedback this time! The most surprising moments for me were, one, to start the demo evening talking to a very interesting person who attended remotely in a Beam Pro telepresence robot, and two, to enter the video room and see how many people were enjoying the movie we created, and laughing with it!”

The movie, which were developed with The Incredible Machine, explores in a speculative way the opportunities of AI and IoT interactions between Things (you can see it here).