LabTalk – May 30, 2018 – Peter Kun

Design inquiry through exploring digital data
Peter Kun, PhD candidate, IDE

Today, we can collect data virtually about any phenomenon in the world. Such “datafied” perspectives could provide different insights, that otherwise would be hard or impossible to access. Designers are certainly aware and excited about the potentials of this, however it is less clear how exactly to put such vast data resources into use in the design process. In my research, I explore the designerly ways of making sense of digital data and how digital data is appropriated for the design process. In this quest, I borrow techniques, know-how and approaches from other professions, like data scientists and data journalists.

In this labtalk I will present two exploratory studies on such a data-centric design inquiry. In the first study, I explored the appropriation of a data science workflow by design students in Delft and Copenhagen (accepted and forthcoming paper at British HCI’18). From this study, I used my findings in developing a design method for data exploration in generative design research (accepted and forthcoming paper at DRS’18). I will discuss my findings and observations on creative uses of data exploration; which is rather different from the mainstream discourse on data analytics.

Peter Kun is a third-year PhD candidate, supervised by Ingrid Mulder and Gerd Kortuem. Peter holds a MSc degree in Interaction Design and Technologies from Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden). Peter is currently busy wrapping up the Open4Citizens Horizon-2020 project, from which his PhD is funded from. Thanks Europe!

Studio Show
Wednesday 30 May, 2018
16:00 – 17:00