Feeling ‘At Home’ with the Internet of Things

Anuradha Reddy, PhD student, Interaction Design

Whereas computer science and HCI have successfully operated in the domestic realm of the Internet of Things (IoT), their strong ties to industry has left little room for understanding what it means to ‘feel at home’ with the technology. To explore this perspective, I employ interaction design research within the domestic context in which IoT currently operates (smart homes).

This talk takes as its point of departure the fact that the IoT is facilitating a decentering of the home, affected to a large extent by the mobile and distributed aspects of living. The thesis builds on the argument that contemporary ‘living’ is not limited to four walls, a ceiling and a floor but it is rather a complex set of relations and practices that ‘takes place’ with the things we make or not make space for in our daily lives.
I will explore how ‘things’ of the IoT come to be understood from the perspective of care – drawing on its ethical, feminist and participatory modes of thinking and doing. I combine this care dimension with design traditions that critically engage theory and practice through the acknowledgement of non-human agencies, relationalities and the emergence of new materialisms.


Anuradha Reddy is a visiting PhD researcher at TU Delft this cold winter of 2018, and coming from Malmö University in Sweden where the weather is not any better. Anuradha is an interaction design researcher whose work involves non-traditional, and some might say critical, explorations of domestic IoT technology using participatory-feminist frameworks in a research through design methodology ( – portfolio –).