Design for Child-Robot Play
What does it mean to design for child-robot play?
This labtalk will address this issue from a practical perspective, presenting a design exploration developed within the context of a doctoral research about design for child-robot playful interaction.

Characterized by a Research through Design approach, the research consisted of a combination of participatory actions, in wild studies and the actual design and development of artefacts. The primary aim was to investigate the role of robotic artefacts as “objects-to-think-with” and how they might be used to foster different types of thinking and reflections.

This investigation resulted in Shybo, a low-anthropomorphic robot designed to support playful learning activities for children.  Shybo was designed as a “learning thing” with the intent of exploring how the current availability of simple machine-learning software might be used to enhance this thing-thinking relationship and, at the same time, facilitate the design process of robot for children.