John Flach and Fred Voorhorst explore some of the themes from their new book: What Matters?

They will explore some common themes across control theory/ cybernetics, Peirce’s Semiotics, Ecological Psychology, Ecological Rationality, Embodied Cognition, and Dynamic Systems. As a result of these explorations, many conventional ideas about science, mind, and matter will be challenged and implications for scaling up design thinking to address the complex problems of socio-technical systems will be suggested.
The talk at Aerospace Engineering lecture hall A will focus particularly on “control theory” from the perspective of curious students of human behavior and endeavor, and discuss the implications for collaborations between smart humans and smart technologies.
In the talk at Industrial Design Engineering, ID-StudioLab, the focus will be on design thinking and doing, its connections to the ecological and pragmatist lines of thinking about user interaction. Also, the first printed copy of the book will be ‘officially’ handed out. The talk starts at 16.00 and is followed by discussion with the audience, which around 17.00 may fluently traverse to the i.d cafe.