idStudioLab presenting at ThingsCon

A number of idStudioLab members are presenting work at ThingsCon in Amsterdam November 30 and December 1.

  • Keynote speaker – Iohanna Nicenboim
    Iohanna Nicenboim is a design researcher, focused on connected objects and their interactions in everyday life. Inspired by complex socio-technical systems and scientific imaginary, she explores poetical interactions with technology. She creates speculative futures and alternative presents in different scales and formats. Her practice often overlaps design, social science, and data; showing a critical and provocative approach towards technology, and the way it relates to society. She is currently working as a researcher at the TU Delft at the Connected Everyday Lab with Elisa Giaccardi.
  • Peter KunMachine Learning for IoT designers
    This workshop will give a hands-on experience of interactive, supervised machine learning, using a prototyping stack based on the open source tools Wekinator and the Arduino MKR1000. This stack, along with the example code provided, will allow designers to prototype a simple connected product which can be trained to display behavior based on example inputs. With these new tools in hand, we will create ‘useless butlers’ – playful, critical (but functional!) takes on the smart robot assistants promised to us by those breathless futurists who won’t stop talking about AI. The workshop is based on an earlier pilot held within IDE Academy, and will be facilitated by Kars Alfrink ( and Peter Kun (IDE, TU Delft).
  • Tomasz JaskiewiczLiving Urban Office
    Nomadic work in cafes, parks or on public transport is becoming more of a norm than an exception. It is a sign of the transforming knowledge work culture, slowly rendering traditional offices more and more obsolete. Where is this trend taking us? What if we consider the whole city, like Amsterdam, to be one massive office ecosystem, with any person there being a potential collaborator, and IoT being the key enabler of new forms of working together? In this session we will work on developing a shared vision on how IoT-driven products and services can support urban work nomads, and lead to emergence of new kinds of work cultures. To seed the debate, the session will involve an interdisciplinary group of 27 TU Delft students demonstrating their work-in-progress prototypes of interactive connected products for work nomads.