Playing computer games to save the world?

Computer games are great entertainment (ask any parent), but also terrible sources of ”wasted time” (ask any parent). But are computer games good or are they bad from a sustainability point of view? More specifically, what are the effects of the activity of playing computer games in terms of CO​2​ emissions? Is it advisable to spend a lot of money (and time) playing computer games from a sustainability point of view? Daniel Pargman will discuss these issues with references to discussions about the carbon intensity of consumption (CO2/Euro) and the carbon intensity of different leisure activities (CO2/hour). This talk is based on a paper, ”Useless games for a sustainable world” that he will present at the UvA/Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ACSA) 2017 Workshop “Unnecessary, Unwanted and Uncalled-for: A Workshop on Uselessness”​ (March 28-30). The workshop is open to the public.

Daniel Pargman is an associate professor at the Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design (MID) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He is also affiliated with the VINN excellence research Center for Sustainable Communications (CESC). He is interested in energy research and social science, sustainability and computing and teaching sustainability. He blogs at

Studio Show
March 27, 2017