BuurThuis – Graduation presentation of Linda Smit

Linda Smit, one of our graduation students in the Open4Citizens project, will present her graduation project on Friday the 25th of May, 15:30h in lecture hall B of the 3mE faculty.

BuurThuis: a citizen participation tool that stimulates citizens to feel home in their neighborhood.

A project initiated by Open4Citizens, a research project of the EU, that is focused on how the feeling home of residents in gentrified neighborhoods could be improved. A case study of Spangen, a gentrified neighborhood, is used to understand how the feeling home manifests. The problems with feeling home in this neighborhood are being visible when a citizen’s initiative is initiated in public space. Local residents are not or barely involved in the development of this initiative and that is why these residents do not feel home anymore. The proof of concept, BuurThuis, shows how to make participating in the development of an initiative more accessible and how that improves the feeling home.