I am involved with various teaching activities in the bachelor industrial design engineering and the master programme design for interaction.

ID4220 Interactive Technology Design
Involvement: course coordinator, teacher and coach.
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ID4250 Exploring Interactions
Involvement: interactive technology expert.
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IO-Mi-124-13 Minor Interactive Environments
Involvement: course coordinator, teacher and coach.
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IO3900 Bachelor Final Project
Involvement: research expert.
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IO2061 Interaction & Electronics
Involvement: Teaching the Physical Prototyping Laboratory Exercise.
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ID4295 Graduation Project
Involvement: mentor.
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Graduation projects 2015

Imara Speek – Introducing distributed networks to designers: Development of an educational software tool and a methodology for its evaluation at IDStudioLab.
Leo van Beek – Creating trust in a domestic unlocking system by embedding wisdom at IDStudioLab.
Dennis Willemsen – Designing Haptic Graphics for Mathematics: Towards Accessible Math Education for Blind Students for Inclusive design for post-lingual hearing impaired people: A way to generate order, structure and awareness, during meetings for Oorzaak – Michiel van Overbeek.

Graduation projects 2014

Charlotte Schreuder – Luko – Raising the visibility of cell research in paediatric oncology: A game for children in day care wards undergoing chemotherapy for Prinses Máxima Centrum voor kinderoncologie.
Jing Yao – Luko – Smart material, smart interaction: Designing smart material opportunities for Night Balance for Night Balance B.V.
Kah Kih Yau – Chinese lion dance in the modern day for Yat Hong.
Youge Xiao – Designing the UX strategy for Future Fairphone for FairPhone.
Lorenzo Romagnoli – TINK: sketching product experiences of connected objects for IDStudioLab.

Graduation projects 2013

Patrick Pijnappel – Programming for Interactive Prototypes for IDStudioLab.
Erik Groenenberg – Experiencing gorillas in the cloud for Apenheul.
Ruben Meeldijk – KiteSim: designing a new interactive kite simulator for Frank & Frens.
Jasper Hartong – Redesigning social mechanisms in digital calendars to better support a flexible lifestyle for Calendar42.
Mindy Eng – Cleo: The Hands-on Design Tool for Conceptualizing Interactive Spaces at IDStudiolab.

Graduation projects 2012

Sandro Macchioli – W.A.S.P.S.: A programming tool for interactive environments at IDStudiolab
Menno Meeldijk – Designing a new interactive exhibit at Bruns Exhibits
EunJu Cho – Improving the User’s Product Selection Experience by Designing a New Tool at Philips.
Robert Paauwe – Programming for Interaction Designers at IDStudiolab.
Casper van Huisstede – Exploring Intuitive Interactions surrounding Multi-touch Tabletops at TNO.

Graduation projects 2011

Yu Xiang – Designing A Light Therapy Patch and Related Interaction: for joint pain relief at Philips.
Jitske Wagner – Snoezelen, a way to physical relaxation at Stichting BIO.
Alice Mela – DryLight: New applications for embedded LEDs in the home contex at Philips.
Tal Benisty – SketchTone: A music sketching iPad application for Wacom at Wacom.
Albert Kannenmans – Een lichtatmosfeer tool voor deejays (A light atmosphere tool for deejays) at IDStudiolab.
Manju Pothen – Design of a comfortable, wearable light/photo therapy product at Philips.
Bruno Scheele – Pabocommunity: Enabling student collaboration with multitouch tablet computers at Noodlewerk.
Bas Botermans – Provotyping in the wild: a research project about provocative prototypes in the fuzzy front end of an innovation project at SPIRE research centre in Sønderborg Denmark

Graduation projects 2010

JungKyoon Yoon – Experience of Interest in Human-Product Interaction at IDStudiolab
Dalei Nie – Creating a Pleasant Tactile Waking up Experience at Philips Research
Ismail Cimen – Design of a Hand-Gesture Interface for Shape Conceptualisation at Design Engineering Department
Frank Claessen – The Sound of Sleep at Philips Research
Aditya Pawar – CO LIBRARY: Creating de-centralised library touchpoints in the city of Delft at DOK
Annelies Wisse – The development of an enjoying online exhibition experience for a local exhibition of scale models, with as core function controlling a video robot through the local exhibition for Christine Smith – Cybercity Ruhr
Tjeerd Ijtsma – Content for the TikTegel: Exploiting the potential of tangible interactive educational materials at Serious Toys
Dennis Koks – Tangible user interfaces to stimulate collaboration and social involvement at ID-Studiolab
Wouter Boer – Online Art Collaboration: The Design of a Tool for Remote Collaboration on New Media Art at Born Digital

Graduation projects 2009

Reinier Jansen – PSST, a Product Sound Sketching Tool at ID-Studiolab