Studiolab @DRS2016


18 Delegates of our faculty Industrial Design Engineering have been attending the DRS2016 conference in Brighton last week. Many studiolabbers participate as well. For instance, Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento presented work on the relevance and used of vision concepts in design research, Nynke Tromp organised a theme session on Design Innovation for Society, Tessa Dekkers & [...]

Summer School in Shanghai – Design Research & Cultural Encounters


This August (8th-12th), Chen is organising a summer school in her home university (Donghua University) in Shanghai. The summer school will bring some Delft design methods to young Chinese designers for a week. At the summer school, Studiolabbers Chen Hao, Annemiek van Boeijen and Marieke Sonneveld are teaching and facilitating workshops Contextmapping for User Research, [...]

Research Through Design project ‘My Futures’ kicks-off!


My name is Eefje Ernst and the coming two years I will work as a Design Researcher on the project ‘My Futures - Tools to Support Thinking about Personal Futures’ together with Pieter Jan Stappers and Froukje Sleeswijk Visser. After I graduated in Industrial Design Engineering (DfI) at the TU Delft in 2007, I followed [...]

LabTalk – 22 June 2016 – Jantien Doolaard


More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance to decrease energy use in offices, however renovation of the building is very costly. Therefore the BOCS team - Building Occupancy Certification System team - has done and is doing several pilots at companies in the Netherlands and in England with the goal to define [...]

CHI 2016 workshop – Involving the Crowd in Future Museum Experience Design


At the CHI 2016 conference in San José, California, Arnold Vermeeren hosted a one day workshop Involving the Crowd in Future Museum Experience Design with Licia Calvi of NHTV Breda (schedule-link). Aim of the workshop was to explore the implications of museums connecting more and more to ecosystems including other museums, institutions, people’s homes, of [...]

GuestTalk – 1 June 2016 – Dr. Nassim JafariNaimi


Probing Design and Democracy through the Lens of Participatory Media Can we draw on plural conceptions of democracy to critically understand design practices and products? And can we inquire into democracy by examining the social interactions made possible by design? In this talk, I trace the theme of democracy as it appears in design discourse [...]

LabTalk – 25 May 2016 – Bob Groeneveld


Currently, a total hip replacement is a one-size-fits-all treatment. A tailored patient experience may to lead to more efficient use of healthcare services, competitive advantage for hospitals, and improved patient satisfaction as well as health-related outcomes. My project investigates the potential of customer profiling to tailor the hip replacement process, both before and after surgery. [...]