The team who developed the Fuzzy Bird project, in the first half of 2015 at the Industrial Design Engineering faculty of the TU Delft, consists out of Sophie Kelder, Minsung Kim, Thomas Latcham, Max Rijken and Astrid van Smoorenburg.

2015 © Thierry Schut Fotografie

2015 © Thierry Schut Fotografie – Left to right: Minsung, Sophie, Thomas, Astrid and Max.

Sophie Kelder: I’m Sophie and I’m 24 years old. I did my Bachelor in Architecture, but misssed the connenction with the user. Luckily I did found this connection in the Master ‘Design for Interaction’. The ITD course was very hectic but I’m proud we were able to present the Fuzzy Bird to Microsoft in Seattle. The whole trip was inspiring and very much an education, which I’ll never forget.

Minsung Kim:

Thomas Latcham: My name is Thomas Latcham, I am a second year DfI student interested most in context mapping and participatory design. Well hey.. it’s true: ‘real people: real insights’! Most of my projects are for kids. Kids are always happy to tell me when I’m messing things up; which to me is priceless. When you do get it right though… they reward you with laughs and smiles. Real stuff!

Max Rijken: This year I am graduating at TU Delft, doing the Master track ‘Design for Interaction’, personally I’m convinced of the importance of user-centered design, this approach can be recognized in almost every project I’ve done, without losing the aesthetic value that design can add. For more information you are welcome to contact me or check!

Astrid van Smoorenburg: