Welcome new Lab-members: Bruce, Sascha & Rienk!

Welcome to our visiting researcher Bruce Wan, and our new graduates, Sascha and Rienk at the Lab!

Bruce is from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and currently works on his PhD study on “Flourishing through travel – An inquiry into tourists’ experiences and psychological well-being towards a framework for eTourism platform” under the supervision of Paul Hekkerk and Cees de Bont. His interest is in UxD, positive psychology, design for eudaimonia, pervasive technology, service design, tourist experience. Bruce will join the Lab till the 10th of August.

Sascha will take a research-through-design approach to study the relationships between human performer/audience, wearable technology and digital music instruments, in relation to virtuosity and engagement. The aim of his project is to develop a theoretical framework, how wearable technology can be used meaningfully in the domain of music interaction. Supervisory team: Rene van Egmond & Marco Rozendaal

Rienk is studying Science Communication and he is dealing with new technologies that emerge rapidly, and that will influence society and the way we live in the near future. He is researching the practical use of a serious but playful workshop in a multidisciplinary setting for creating dialogue on the opportunities and the possible impact of these new technologies on our lives with regard to societal and ethical boundaries.

So this is new inspiration at the Lab!