Studiolab @DRS2016

18 Delegates of our faculty Industrial Design Engineering have been attending the DRS2016 conference in Brighton last week. Many studiolabbers participate as well. For instance, Ricardo Mejia Sarmiento presented work on the relevance and used of vision concepts in design research, Nynke Tromp organised a theme session on Design Innovation for Society, Tessa Dekkers & Bob Groeneveld organised a workshop at the PhD by Design, and Stella Boes acted as chair of a session on the role of argumentation and dialogue theory in design research.

It was the 50th anniversary of the conference, and for this unique occasion John Chris Jones was invited for a short talk with Peter Lloyd. All in all, the conference revealed the immense breadth of topics in which design is relevant, and facilitated some nice debates and conversations. Despite this, many attendees felt that the time to actually discuss the work jointly was not enough yet, but surely relationships have been built to extend these discussions outside the conference.