Skala brings renewed value to a change of focus

When it comes to focusing in the modern day world, we notice that it is not so easy because distraction is everywhere. Even while writing this text, I am distracted by my phone, by flashing commercials on websites, and by the constant need to check my e-mail. These distractions are deemed as inefficient. Taking a break and distracting yourself, however, can often be a way to renew your focus.
Well, let’s take a look at what the TU Delft students thought about this and what their SKALA can do for us. SKALA is about allowing your mind this necessary distraction. It gives you the opportunity to come to a standstill. It provides a diversion from all the things that demand your attention. It changes your focus from scattered to central.

But how does it do this? SKALA is an interactive installation that responds to your presence. When entering, it becomes an extension of you, giving relevance to that moment. At first, when I looked at SKALA, I had this familiar feeling like I had seen it before. After a while, I realized that the hanging strings were Jacob’s Ladders, just like a toy I used to have when I was a little kid. Walking through the installation made we want to figure out how it works and why the ladders clap down when I move through the installation. Besides that, the sounds of the clapping elements soothe me. I have to admit, I have become totally absorbed by SKALA and the atmosphere it creates.
So taking a break, allowing yourself a change of focus is the way to go. SKALA shows us how this is done and therefore gives you the chance to start afresh with a renewed sense of calmness.

text: Eva Ventura