Schizzo Mega

We have a new prototyping board, it is the Schizzo Mega (see below for a short history on the Schizzo board development). Richard Bekking designed the board together with Martin Havranek. It is optimised for the BOCS project, a research study into people’s comfort in office spaces. This means the board as depicted is especially capable as a datalogger. Through the various iterations in the project we have to build a number of sensor nodes and with the Schizzo 3.0 we can make them much quicker. But off course we can also apply it to other projects in the IDStudioLab such in our education eg. Interactive Technology Design.

The short feature list of the Schizzo 3.0 is:

  • Arduino Mega compatible
  • Realtime clock
  • SD card interface
  • XBEE to UART interface
  • Simultaneous 5V and 3.3V capabilities
  • 10 Grove connectors for digital input/output
  • 4 Grove connectors for analog input

For more information contact: Tomasz Jaskiewicz.

Some historical context

We have been designing our own Arduino type prototyping boards for some years. The first was a small form factor board with wireless communication and support for battery charging – the Schizzo 1.0. Schizzo is Italian for Sketch (kudos to Walter Aprile). Schizzo 2.0 was a small update to a board of a similar form factor, the aim was make programming easier by automatically disabling serial communication to the XBee modem once you upload a program to the onboard Arduino.