Presenting GreenComfort at Smart City Event 2016 – 8th June – Olivia, Jantien, Sybren

At the SmartCity conference, Olivia, Jantien and Sybren presented the new GreenComfort productservice. This is a result of the BTA project “BOCS”, a Climate KIC funded activity. From the start of this project, business development has been an integral part of the project scope, so we are quite enthusiastic that we are now finally launching the GreenComfort Startup!

GreenComfort’s promise is to bring insights and tips to office users how to make their office environment more comfortable and energy efficient. To this effect, GreenComfort delivers a visual and interactive interface connected to interior climate sensors and comfort experience measurements. This serves a twofold purpose. Firstly, owners, property managers and facility managers can get a real-time insight into the current performance of the building, giving very clear directions on how to improve it. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, implementation of the tool itself already improves comfort experience because it engages the users in taking charge of their own working situation. People could have a lot more influence over their own environment, if only they knew how. That is what GreenComfort is bringing to them.

An online presentation of GreenComfort startup company is under construction. For more info about the BOCS research project, go to and