LabTalk May 11 – Juan Jimenez Garcia

The LabTalk will be held in StudioSay at 16:00.
Title: Context mapping the experiences of elderly after total hip replacement.

Juan Jimenez Garcia will present about the full paper that he got accepted at the conference Pervasive Health ’11, which will be held this month. The paper describes the results of a field study into measuring emotion and physical experiences of seniors during medical recovery.
The methodology applied by Juan in this user study is innovative and it is definitely breaking new ground in the domain of Experience Sampling and user inquiry methods, so don’t miss it!

Abstract of the paper:
Context-aware technology in the home environment can provide an effective mechanism in supporting the wellbeing and autonomy of the elderly challenged by chronic diseases and physical impairments, such as osteoarthritis. Total Hip Replacement (THR) is the most common procedure to relieve both pain and functional disability experienced by elderly patients suffering from end-stage osteoarthritis, thereby improving their quality of life. The paradigm shift in healthcare on shortening in-hospital care has created an atmosphere of misinformation for both the patient and the medical staff about individual patterns of recovery, creating uncertainty about patients’ recovery outcomes. This paper presents work on applying User Centred Design methods (UCD) to inform the design of a qualitative measure which will be used as a means to reduce the lack of information around the patient. The described design process elicits functional system requirements, and guides the design of a qualitative measure based on Experience Sampling Method (ESM). The ESM tool will be used to improve and expand the understanding of elderly patient’s living experiences after discharge.