LabTalk / Defense – 25 November 2015 – Steven Fokkinga

>> Instead of a LabTalk this week, we will be joining Studio Lab member Steven Fokkinga for his PhD defense

Design ‒|+  Negative emotions for positive experiences
Emotion-driven design considers all aspects of a product – its appearance, cultural meaning, functionality, interaction, usability, technology, and indirect consequences of use – with the aim to optimize and orchestrate all these aspects and create the best possible user experience. In my PhD-project, I have looked specifically at how designers can achieve emotionally rich product experiences, by deliberately evoking negative user emotions. This aim was based on the observation that although negative emotions are often unpleasant, they are also involved in numerous highly enjoyable activities, such as playing games, riding rollercoasters, listening to music, and watching films. Through a series of studies, I have investigated what the conditions are for enjoyable negative emotions and how designers can evoke them in the user-product interaction.

Wednesday 25 November 2015
@ Aula 
Laymen talk: 14:30
Defence: 15:00