LabTalk – 8 June 2016 – Inspomat & feedback on interaction design workshop @ Tehran University

This week’s lab talk is a special double feature! We will have two short talks this week. One to introduce us to the new library platform at the university (Inspomat), and the other to share with us the process, findings and observations of a recent workshop on Interaction Design at Tehran University.


matters of design

At IDE students and researchers are very active in creating new products. While doing this they get inspired by their surroundings. The material library called MADE OF.. was started with the aim to educate students in approaching product ideation in a different way…such as starting from the material experience. Until recently tangible experience with materials and product details was one of the core elements that was guiding designers in their process and stimulating their creativity. If we look at the way designers work and collect information to get inspired nowadays, tangibility has become less prominent. Therefore in the past year we have worked towards transforming this concept to make it more consistent to the current inspiration workflow of the audience in and around IDE. Are you curious??? Do you want to know what Inspomat means? Do you want to be part of it? come and join us!!!


Interaction Design workshop at Tehran University

In April Bahar Barati and Aadjan van der Helm organised an interaction design workshop at the Tehran University in their Kish branch. In a process of design-by-doing we asked the students to find social conflicts in their surrounding and to design a light object to remedy the conflict. While researching and designing we taught them about a user-centered-design and prototyping to express ideas. We ended the workshop with an exhibition of the 9 interactive prototypes. The labtalk will present the outline of the program, show some results and observations.