LabTalk – 22 June 2016 – Jantien Doolaard

More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance to decrease energy use in offices, however renovation of the building is very costly. Therefore the BOCS team – Building Occupancy Certification System team – has done and is doing several pilots at companies in the Netherlands and in England with the goal to define practices people are involved in, to see where the BOCS service can support occupants in actively coordinating their office environment and finally certificate the occupant behaviour instead of the buildings itself.

Over the year I’ve worked on performing field work in three companies; I organised co-creations sessions, introduced the prototypes, did observations and I had nice conversations in which daily practices of people, the implementation of the BOCS system and decrease of energy use were the main focus. I would like to share my insights and discuss the roadmap of the BOCS project from where I started (1st of April 2015) till now, where we started to implement the system in StudioLab. What the future might bring we don’t know but we will discuss the future plan and the possible involvement of all of you who are interested in designing this service!


Studio Show
22 June, 2016
16:00 – 17:00